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Ask A Unicorn: Multidisciplinary Studio Life

Ask A Unicorn: Multidisciplinary Studio Life

A year after going independent, unicorn brothers Joni and Daniel share a slice of studio life combining film production, design, and architecture to ask better questions.

After living in Austria for most of our lives we re-united in California to start HASEL& Creative Studio, a space to create projects combining our backgrounds in film production, design and architecture.

Equipped with our toolset of cameras, laptops, lights, sewing machines, sketchbooks, and endless ideas we challenge ourselves with questions like: How do you print videos? What would a contact sheet from a digital documentary look like? How do phrases like "fast-paced" translate to motion picture?

Hasel& Eis

The results are documentaries and commercial films driven by visual storytelling with the aim to connect. We think what matters most are people, their stories can inspire and widen horizons. Our hope is to create projects and be a part of that experience for others.

Any remaining questions are mused on rides where landscape changes quickly from foggy coastlines on the blue-grey pacific to fragrant eucalyptus forests and rolling hills. There are clouds and sunshine, then roads and trails. Afterwards the Fall foliage gathered along the way is admired, then the bikes are cleaned, and something new awaits back at the studio.

Our 35mm club asks unicorns around the world to share a glimpse of their life without the pretense of unlimited frames and editing. Enjoy these scenes of Hasel& creative flow between bike shoots and ice cream deliveries — wherever you are, we hope the roads are as good as the company.

Words and photos by Joni and Daniel

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