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Unicorn Guide to What the FAQ

We're glad you made it here! Maybe you discovered our project on the internet and have some questions — is this real or just fantasy? Do you really have a hotel? How tight is an aero jersey? Read below for details, and if you have any other messages just email us at:

What size should I wear?

It depends on the piece you've chosen, your body, and your preference. Do you like it tight? How tall are you? Long legs or long torso? Preference for bib compression or brace strap tension? Our silhouettes are slim so when in doubt size up.

You can also take a look at our Visual Fit Guide to get a sense of the numbers on real people around the world. The Aero Unicorn fit is quite tight and will mold to your body after a few weeks of ride time; meanwhile our Adventure Unicorn fit is a more traditional design with raglan sleeves and room to move.

Do you have any dealers?

Yeah we have a few partners that offer in-person and digital services with many other cool brands.

My Size is Out of Stock. When will you have more?

If a product is marked with a “more soon” tag you can be sure there will be more as soon, but if you see "low stock" it's better to grab while you can. We are small and our manufacturing capacity is limited, so if there is something you're after don't hesitate to ask us at or submit your email on the product page with the "don't see your size?" link below the product title.

Are you going to make more of limited edition Off-Season, Copy Cat, Racing Dream, etc?

We're not trying to make new styles all the time and generally don't agree with the fashion approach of “new-new-new buy-buy-buy”. Instead it's more fashion that happens to be fast, then it's gone, and maybe you will be inspired by the next idea that comes along.

Limited formats allows us to explore a philosophy or concept with graphic design in compliment to the nature palette of Everyday. All of our gear is intended to be worn together regardless of concept.

Do you have a crash replacement policy?

Hey we're sorry you crashed! Hopefully it's only torn gear and the body is ok. Yes we offer a crash replacement discount just email us at:; and in the meantime local sewing is always the most responsible option for ensuring a long life for your gear!

Do you ship to "XYZ" country?

Yes for sure! We ship around the world with express options, see the rates in our unicorn shipping guide.

When I try to check out it says "this order can't be shipped to your location"?

Is your shipping destination outside of the European Union? We kindly ask for a minimum order of 99 EUR for international shipments and regret the underwhelming error message at cart, we wish it could be changed.

Is tax included in your pricing?

Yes, for orders placed within the European Union VAT is included. Learn more in our unicorn shipping guide.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping starts at 12 EUR, with free tiers from 300 EUR. Check out the rates in our unicorn shipping guide.

Are there any import fees to receive my order?

If you are within the European Union there aren't any import fees! International destinations may have different requirements, learn more in our unicorn shipping guide.

Has my order shipped yet?

We are a small team packing orders by hand with love to ensure everything arrives as intended and will send an email notification with tracking when it's on the way.

Please allow 3-5 business days, sometimes more if there is a special release. We take weekends and holidays off and hope the same for you.

You can check your order status page from the confirmation email any time.

My jersey seems short, is that normal?

Our Aero Unicorn fit is designed for pace lines not coffee lines, the short front reduces bunched fabric in the riding position for free speed.

If you would prefer more coverage, size up or try our Everyone jersey, whose Adventure Unicorn fit has an increased length for happiness on and off the bike.

How can I exchange sizes?

We offer exchanges to help get your sizes perfect for up two weeks from the arrival date of your order. See more in our unicorn guide to exchanges.

Can my order be returned?

Yes of course, we want you to be happy and understand if we're not your thing. We accept returns if the gear is in original condition, check out the unicorn guide to returns.

What about any customs fees if I return an order?

If your return shipment is filed as a return of goods to it's origin country of Austria and the original invoice is included there won't be any applicable customs charges.

However if marked as an export of goods it's likely we will be charged a duties fee to recieve the order. Check the details in our unicorn guide to returns.

Are you hiring? Can I work with BBUC?

Hey that's cool you would ask! We're looking for unicorns with personality and skills to grow the project. Are you experienced, self sufficient, digital native, fluent in English, and an ambitious team player? Just send an intro message about where you see yourself fitting in and your CV to:

How about something not listed here?

We're happy to help, if you have other questions just email us at:

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