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Racing Dream

Racing Dream Twenty Twenty

Much is said about the dreamer. At times their head may float to the clouds, life on pause while they dance away to places unknown, but it's these unicorns who return with optimism, joy, and laughter in hard times. Rejuvenated from an unknown well of resilience they find motivation in the bright side of life where everything is possible.

In a generation lost to virtue signaling and living our best lives, this optimism is the antidote for incessant calls to comparison. The sport of cycling revolves around differentiation, and these days is neatly defined with telemetry data that objectively measures what you're made of. In combination with social visibility and gameified leader boards, the nuanced spectrum of ability is reduced to winners and it's easy to lose sight of who we really are.

But we can all dare to dream and learn to navigate the constellations of our own achievement, and no comparison stands next to the reality that we are all more alike than different. From grocery getting to an overnight Everest; from adaptive training to social riding; from adult escapism to childhood happiness: Racing Dream is dedicated to those who dare to try, and for the assurance of getting to know one's self.

“Overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of dreams is all the opportunity we need.”

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