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Ride Everyday: As Seen by Philip Tsetinis

Ride Everyday: As Seen by Philip Tsetinis

We're connected through the music of movement. In quiet moments of preparation, explore an eternity of reflection through our first artist series from a visionary.

Transition with the Unknown

Paused without time we can wonder in luxury: if not for unfamiliarity, is there anything new? Retrospect gives answers but the moment is all possibility.

See the Forest and the Trees

Expectation and distraction ride hand in hand. Rather than a vision of what might be, go discover what there is to see. From multitudes the path is made with steps.

Instinct knows the orientation ahead, the details of dreams, and what's to be read. Do reflections come in quick reply, sparkling within the mind's eye?

Mind, Machine, Mystery

Layer well and pack it light then brave the journey until the night. When we wander take stop and wonder. Does imagination hint what could be right?

On repeat we play this beat: step, stop, dream; step stop dream. Focus the breathing and open the mind, your undisclosed prophecy is building inside.

Unknown Polyphenism

Philip presents the visually perceptible change of a living being through adaptation to environmental conditions like food, temperature, population density, and so on:

10-13 November 2022, Grand Palais Ephemere

Photo Copyright 2022 Philip Tsetinis
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