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Ride Everyday: As Seen by Lukas Lerperger

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Ride Everyday: As Seen by Lukas Lerperger

Take a trip back to childhood with our visionary friend, when all that mattered was having fun outside. A love project by many — this is a P.S.A. to Ride Everyday!

When I look into the mirror I still see the kid I was yesterday. That young version of myself whose life was all about being outside.

Spending time with my friends, going on adventures together, and exploring the world. Challenging myself and becoming better day by day, with no rules or expectations.

Simply falling in love with the sport.

It’s a feeling I can’t get enough of. When my body and mind are in perfect union, fully present in the moment.

That feeling of the elements first hand, experiencing every small detail like the color of the sky a few minutes before it disappears. Even the smell of fresh air or a beam of sunlight glowing on your face.

Or when you’re soaking wet in the rain and it makes you feel so alive. And the thrill of velocity, when the wind gently flows over the skin.

It’s all of that! I want to hold on to each beautiful moment forever. But in the blink of an eye time flies by, and tomorrow is already around the corner.

It’s not here yet! And today is a good day.

Dancing by Christian, Felix, Gabriel, Georg, Hannah, Isabell, Judith, Michael, Philip, Simon, Stephan, Vito, and Xaver; with help from Alexander, Benjamin, Johannes, Sebastian, Simon, and Thomas; and thanks from Christian, Daniel, Marvin, and Lukas

Words and motion by Lukas Lerperger

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