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Making Friends: Recapping the Giro di Mankei

Making Friends: Recapping the Giro di Mankei

Join our multitalented friend Philipp at the recent Grossglockner event where mankei and unicorn, two seemingly unrelated animals, come together sharing Austria's highest alpine road in the spirit of adventure.

They met high above the clouds with an idea that mountain passes connect people from opposite places. Some were on two wheels, others four, and a few were just on legs.

It was September 02 when F.A.T. International hosted the Giro di Mankei, an innaugral ride up the legendary Grossglockner to enjoy a spectacular view from above with like-minded people who enjoy ascent.

One group set off early in the morning, making the journey from Salzburg to the foot of Grossglockner while crushing three steep climbs along the way. Meanwhile another group blazed their way up the alpine pass directly to gather at F.A.T. Mankei, preparing to dance and extend a warm welcome for everyone who would arrive thereafter.

We were on the mountain together soaking in a view few people seek, sharing an experience in a world quick to draw lines in the sand and distinguish one from another. This unique event brought people from different modalities together with a banner for those dare to dream.

Join the next get together on September 19 at Racing Dream am Brillantengrund, where mankei and unicorn come together again to celebrate our ten year birthday and launch a new collection. Stop by with a friend who enjoys music, food, art ā€” and isn't afraid to dream beyond dreams.

Words and photos by Philipp, a multidisciplinary unicorn in Salzburg using design, photography, and methodology to bring people together.

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