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Chasing Sunbeams with an Italian Jackrabbit Made by a Maniac

On the one hand this is due to the material that they’re made of… but what's even more important is the attention to detail and time he puts into every frame. Mattia is able to bend and weld tubes based on your anatomy and preferred riding style in a way not many people can (I’d say ‘Ask Dario if you don’t believe me’ but unfortunately he’s not around anymore.)

The result is a tool meant to be ridden — not to be photographed at any occasion*. It's supposed to chase down sunbeams for endorphins and in this case less is more.

That means: less disturbing, less noise. A geometry to climb without thinking of the gear underneath you.

This Porreca's color concept follows this approach as well, it’s designed to disappear while highlighting the most beautiful logotype in cycling. It also matches every single jersey BBUC has to offer.

At the time of writing this frameset has seen about 30.000 km from Thailand to the Alps and beyond to Los Angeles — but mostly the Viennese countryside, in blissful silent happiness free of distraction (besides all the time Pamosonic wastes talking about gear.)

Christian's Porreca Road Ingredients


Legor Cicli Porreca Road combined with an ENVE Road Fork

  • Mattia still hates me for my custom dropouts but I just believe quick releases need to point inwards 🤷‍♂️
  • 1 1/8“ with 45mm rake for optimal trail. We even fought about that… he’s a perfectionist — beware!


Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 throughout

  • I would prefer the direct mount version but ENVE is lost in disc brake marketing like all the others


Shimano’s 9100 powermeter 53/36 hold in place by a Chris King T47

  • Frankenstein gearing but works fine. 53/36 paired with an 11-30 cassette is an absolute recommendation for Vienna.
  • The T47 standard is one of my favorite things of this bike. No noise, no problems, easy to maintain just like external cables 🧚


Shimano C24 with Specialized Turbo Cottons in 26mm

  • Perfect wheelset for everything i like to ride gravel with the Turbo Cottons as well. My first gen SES 4.5s died after 40.000 km and these days ENVE only offers annoying noisy brake tracks 😓


ENVE Road Bar 38cm, ENVE Road Stem 120mm, Specialized Power saddle mounted to ENVE's Road seatpost, and our DISCO bidons held by ENVE cages

  • I’d go for 36cm… but they aren't produced and aero bars on a classic frame are disgusting.
  • The ENVE cages are super worn out and I lose a bidon from time to time. Be careful if you think slipstream is for free ✌️

*Last year I visited Los Angeles for the Racing Dream campaign and wanted to shoot the bike in perfect cheesy sunset light to pay Matti's talent homage, but then the world fell apart and that’s a different story… ↩︎


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