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Everybody says "early and often," but have you heard about varied and nutritious? For the days you plan on taking your time, try a spread of whole foods to savor with the mountain view.

Durability of the Spirit

You heed the call to explore further still, perhaps into the mountains to find a new perspective, and want to make the most of your time along the way. Approach with equal parts excitement and preparation. Set your body free for the mind to follow.


Start the Night Before

The exhilaration of accomplishment is a just reward for those busy doing rather than talking. With enough time and persistence anything is possible, but carefully laid plans are not always the path ahead.

Take some time to consider what you might encounter while adventuring in the unknown. ”Be prepared“ I always say. Listen for your inner voice and run through the maintenance.

When did you last check your headset torque? How are the tires looking, has that field-swapped spare held it's air? How about bottles? How early are we going, what about lights?

Eat For Tomorrow

It's wise to focus on the real machine once gear's out of the way. How is the body feeling? Consider an extra hour of sleep, a stretch, or even ten on the foam roller. Calibrate your sensations and envision your ride.

Resilience of the spirit tackles the unforeseen with grace, but it too is fallible with no gas in the tank. The best preparation is to nourish yourself with generous and loving calories. For me? A potato curry with rice; avocado, toasted cashews, herb salad.

Eat heartily with gratitude for another day of experience. Rest with anticipation for tomorrow sparkling throughout your dreams and a moment to appreciate what a cool thing it is to go out and ride.

Make It A Ritual

Coffee and a stretch in the wee hours to wake the bones from slumber. As focus dawns in the mind pay it forward with a final check to protect your time away. Maybe that's an email off the list or some notes written down. A new day with a fresh start is ripe with opportunity.

Break fast to your taste and indulge in happiness. Oats and bananas, too much peanut butter. Okay some dates too! Be mindful of time to settle before heading out.

As for the ride itself? Eat early and often, consider real foods along with your packaged ones. There are days to push the limits where you might prefer bars and gels for convenience. There are also days where a home made burrito is just right for the view.
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