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Steel Magazine featured the Jim Twotone Grey Jersey, Black Hole Bibs and Disco Socks in the first Steel Magazine Lookbook Newspaper.

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A unique brand curated by Kitwatch for the CyclingTips Emporium.

"I love so much about bbuc, and it just felt right to feature them as the first brand in the Kitwatch/CT Emporium store. They have a real sense of effortless cool, and a no f**ks attitude. Well not completely no f**ks. Let’s say they care just enough. Enough to value design, have a strong and clear aesthetic and direction, and enough care to make it all about the bike and having fun."

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KITWATCH - 04/2017

Kitwatch store launches on CyclingTips with bbuc. Curated collections, special deals and exclusives.

"It's been a long time since i've worn a pink unicorn on my chest and felt this cool."

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CYCLE EXIF - 01/2017

But how it is sweetly worn:
Legor Cicli x ENVE x BBUC CX

"This pastel-painted ‘crosser is the result of an international star-studded collaboration: the Viennese design collective of brillibrilliant/unicorn, Barcelona’s Legor Cicli, ENVE and the fashion haus of Wendy&Jim."

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BIKERUMOR - 01/2017

brillibrilliant/unicorn dressing cyclists for the outdoordisco, marshmallow lasers optional

"At the end of last year, new cycling kit and off-the-bike fashion brand BBUC launched in Vienna, Austria. Yes, the company’s name stands for brilliantbrilliant/unicorn Cycling and their Spring/Summer 2017 clothing line is titled OutdoorDisco."

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Wiener Fahrradschau – Highlights,
inspiration and donkeys

"The Hotel Brillantengrund isn’t just one of Vienna’s hottest hotels right now, it’s also the epicenter of its riding scene and a ‘place-to-be’. BBUC founders, Marvin Mangalino and Christian Wieners, seized the opportunity to launch their collection of casual wear and riding gear at the Wiener Fahrradschau."

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Soigneur - 10/2016

Handpicked by Soigneur

"What’s cycling, really, but frolicking around in lycra? The peloton’s a moving outdoor disco, full of playful extravagance and exhibitionism. Young Viennese brand Unicorn displays this attitude. Don’t take their light-heartedness for a lack of substance though. The kids behind the clothes are all serious riders. Cycling needs a fresh approach every once in a while."

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Schöner treten:
Fahrradmode vom Wiener Label BBUC

"Die Fahrradszene ist modisches Entwicklungsland. Das möchten zwei Wiener mit ihrem Label BBUC ändern."


Intersection Magazine No 27 - 09/2016

So leicht, dass wir schweben.

"Im 7. Wiener Bezirk bauen zwei Enthusiasten die Mode- und Fahrradmarke BBUC auf, die bald über die Szene hinausscheinen könnte."


Wiener Fahrradschau Magazine - 09/2016
(English & german)

Interview with Christian Wieners

"We talked to Christian Wieners of BBUC about their first collection, the inspiration behind it and what it all has to do with a hotel in Vienna."

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Vice Magazine - 09/2016

Wenn bärtige Einhörner Fahrrad fahren.

"Wir sprachen mit den Fahrrad-Freaks von brillibrilliant/unicorn über Fahrradkleidung und wie man trotz Vollbart aerodynamisch genug ist um österreichischer Meister zu werden."

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